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H.L. Mencken

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Is This Election Over?

Noted race baiter and GOP hack Alex Castellanos said that the election was over after Clinton's speech.

Wellllll maybe...

But today brings word that Romney is pulling out of Pennsylvania and Michigan.  PA has never been heavily contested so far this cycle, belying its reputation as a swing state.

But Michigan has produced a slew of polls from weird fly-by-night outfits that have suggested that it was in play.

Apparently it's not.  R-Money should not be having to marshal his resources.  Even the SuperPACs are pulling out.

If the GOP concede Michigan and Obama holds his lead in Nevada, Obama is 14 EVs from winning.  He can get them from Ohio or Florida alone.  Or a combo of say, Iowa and Virginia.

Romney was never likely to win Michigan, despite his admiration for the height of their trees.  But to concede that ground this early means he's hemorrhaging elsewhere.

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