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Friday, September 14, 2012


He's the one on the left.

Romney has had a bad few days.

What is fascinating - as John Chait has noted - is that apparently Romney and his campaign staff feel they can create an alternate universe where they think they are doing well.

Also, in this alternate universe, Romney will need to be sharp in the debates because Obama lies too much.

One of the hallmarks of the Romney campaign is their willing desire to say or do anything to get elected.  As Romney's polling director said, "We're not going to let our campaign be directed by fact checkers."  While the general performance of fact checkers would lend credence to this position, it's rare to come out and say, "We don't care about facts."  This was in response to Romney's welfare reform ad lies, Paul Ryan's remarkably mendacious speech and... well, you name it.

The Libyan catastrophe was entirely predicated on lies and twisting the fabric of space-time itself.  It has incensed American diplomats overseas that he has taken the death of some of their own and immediately tried to leverage it into a political advantage. A tactic that has backfired spectacularly.

So Romney has sort of doubled down on his foreign policy critique, because what the hell else can he do?  But in doing so, he keeps reminding people of his mistake and he's stopped talking about the economy.  Brilliant.

But remember.  It's OBAMA that's the liar.

But he has a strategy.  First is a Twitter feed called #Romneystrength.  I spent some time there this morning. Had a blast.  Social media fail.

The second part is to start laying the groundwork for the debates.  The CW is developing that A) Romney has to do well in the debates, because he's losing (which is true) and B) Romney is a really good debater and Obama is pretty weak.

Again, this is most likely not going to work.

Romney has to attack.  And Romney is a dick.  He's going to look like more of a dick attacking Obama.

Obama's reputation as a weak debater is grounded in the fact, that he's always been winning when the debates are taking place.  He was crushing Alan Keyes and comfortably ahead of McCain.

Obama's job is not to blow it during the debates.  Romney needs a game change.

Still, it's better than an easily hijacked Twitter feed.

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