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H.L. Mencken

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mitt Romney Is A Dick, v.287265

And he's incompetent, too.

The Eastwood thing alternates between funny and sad, of course.  Mostly funny.  Eastwood's a legend, his films will live on and in a few years the epic weirdness of Thursday night will be but a tickle in the back of the collective memory.

But for a candidate running on his competency as a business man, the Romney campaign has been pretty damned incompetent.  And I'm not just talking about Romney's personal shortcomings as a politician.

There is this:

There is this:

There is your keynote speaking for an hour about how awesome HE is:

And despite 8% unemployment, they couldn't find a LEGITIMATE angle of attack, so the well delivered battle cry from their VEEP becomes obscured by this:

And then there is this...

But what's interesting about this, is that Mitt Romney is not exactly Harry Truman.  The buck doesn't stop with him.  Read the Slate piece above.  "Eastwood's not OUR fault!  Neither was Christie's Ode To Myself. Not me!  I didn't do that!" I guess when it comes to their own convention, "They didn't build that."

Yeah, he's no Harry Truman, but he might be Thomas Dewey...

UPDATE: Don't believe me:
That's the Intrade market for Obama's re-election.

Here's Romney's

Who's got the bounce now?

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