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H.L. Mencken

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Is This A Game Change? Again?

Obama won that one.  I thought he would, because this is a good format for him.

Will it make a difference?  I think - in some ways like the first debate - that this will invigorate the winner's base.  There has been some evidence that the first debate just depressed the Democrats, and that they literally stopped answering the phone.  But that's somewhat guessing at the Romney bump.  It clearly energized the GOP.

It looks like the Benghazi moment is the defining moment, and Romney got crushed.  It's a Gerald Ford on Poland type moment.  It was a gaffe.  A bad one.

That is going to be the moment.  And it does raise expectations on foreign policy next week, but the Benghazi moment just made Romney look foolish. He had already looked like a dick, especially to Crowley.  With that he just looked foolish.

Fools can't be president.

UPDATE: Obama did a GREAT job appealing to women, I think, especially tying birth control to pocket book issues.  Anyone who's had to deal with the cost of birth control knows this.

UPDATE 2: My wife made me turn to Fox.  Holy crap.

UPDATE 3: Oh, and "binders of women" are trending now.  All over the internet basically.

"We went out looking for women."  Great line, Mitt.

UPDATE 4: MSNBC was as guilty as anyone as setting up the left wing freakout.  They are killing it now.

UPDATE 5: The internet is brutal.  And fast.

UPDATE 6: With an hour's distance, I think the moment for me was when Obama said, "Keep going Governor" when Romney was pushing the terrorism lie.  That was awesome.

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