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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Walking Dead Reflections

First of all, there seems to be some subtle evidence that AMC is putting a little more money into the series.  Little things like music and better makeup suggest that they aren't going to be as cheap as last year (something that lead to Frank Darabont being bounced from the series).

As far as the story goes, lots to chew over.  The tension between Rick and Lori is pretty intense.  By skipping a few months, they can use a sort of shorthand to show all sorts of changes.  How the group has become adept in their environment and yet less civilized.  The scene with the dog food and their relief at having jail beds is evidence of that. That and the glee they took in emptying the prison yard full of Walkers.

Carl is turning into quite the little bad ass, which must also be tearing Lori apart.

Apparently Maglites can be turned into silencers.  Handy tip.

Not much of Andrea and Michonne, but hopefully that changes in coming weeks.

Oh, and poor Herschel.  Hope he lives after all that.

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