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H.L. Mencken

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"This Election Is About Choices"

If Bain had bought Apple.

Romney and Ryan are on the record as wanting to get rid of FEMA.  Now, I have no doubt that Romney in particular will lie his f-ing ass off about his previous position on this, because Romney will lie his f-ing ass off about what he had for lunch yesterday.

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, all Mitt ever does is lie, lie, lie.

A few corners of the liberal internet have been pushing the angle that Chris Christie has been the hero of the storm because he's been his usual brusque (obnoxious) self to the self-evidently stupid and also went on Fox News and caused heads to explode by saying Obama is doing a great job.

Later today, Christie will tour the devastation with Obama.

In other words, Christie is behaving as a governor should: solving problems.  This makes him sui generis in the modern GOP and sets him up for 2016.  Romney, as governor, hardly seemed interested in the job according to those who worked with him.  At least once those binders full of women were emptied.

Governors have traditionally made good presidents because they have experience dealing with real problems.  It is the nature of being in the executive branch.

Paul Ryan - when he has called repeatedly for ending FEMA voted to slash its funding - is behaving just like a House member usually does: in a hyper-partisan and ideological fashion.  Efforts to defund NOAA and FEMA are part and parcel of GOP anti-government orthodoxy.  This is why we don't elect people from the House to the Presidency.

But Romney, convictionless shape-shifter that he is, has no trouble adopting the batshit insane positions of the fringes of his party, because as we have seen throughout October, he will just deny he ever said it once it comes time to win Virginia's electoral votes.

I once had respect for John McCain, but his angry old man yelling at clouds routine, his selection of Caribou Barbie as his running mate and his obvious ignorance of economic matters soured me on him.

I just loath Romney.  He's Eddie Haskell without the principles or consistency.

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