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Monday, October 22, 2012

Obama 2-Romney 1

If the Obama we saw in the last two debates showed up for the first one, this election would be over.  But you know, it wasn't.

There was only one Commander in Chief up there.

But I honestly think that Romney was sick.  He was sweaty, weak of voice and somewhat stumbling.  Some of that was his manifest lack of understanding of foreign policy (a problem for most governors).  But it seemed to be a physical condition.

Romney also looked weak by agreeing with Obama a lot.  He got away with some of that "Moderate Mitt" stuff before when he was dying in the polls.  But the neo-cons are going to freak out in a serious way over this.

Obama's answers were sharp and crisp; Romney's weren't.

I think this is a win for Obama.  I don't think it's close.  But I'm sure the pundits will tell us different.

Chris Matthews is saying - correctly - that there was too much focus on the Middle East.


We can see what the snap polls say, but this looks like an Obama win.  Al Sharpton talked about how Romney was clinching like a boxer to avoid the knockout, lending credence to my "Sick Romney" idea.


MSNBC just showed a map of Iran and Syria, then Ed Schultz just called Romney a punk.  As Schultz noted, Romney spent the night saying "Obama is doing the right thing."


Chris Hayes just noted that there was almost no daylight between them.  Which is true, but that's because Romney flipped his entire binder full of issues.  Romnesia strikes again.


Steve Schmidt originally said that Romney did fine.  It will be fun to watch him walk that back all night long.  He's an interesting guy.  But Rachel Maddow is on her soap box talking about how Romney is basically a liar and that should be disqualifying for the presidency.  Which is really a good point, when you think about it.

Give it up, Steve, John Weaver calls it for Obama.


CBS News snap poll:  Obama 53%, Romney 23%, tie  NLCS 24%

Anyone who scored this a tie is the classic undecided voter.  Also, Mitt couldn't even get that magical 27% number.


As per usual, I like Booman's take, including - sadly - his conclusion:


According to what I'm seeing on Twitter, Lindsay Lohan is now Romney's top surrogate on social media #yourenothelping


I am glad to know that mitt agrees with Obama so much. No, really. Why vote?

Excellent point, Glenn.  Take Tuesday off.


Interesting context:

A Blowout?

According to the CBS News instapoll Romney won debate one 46 to 22.
According to the same poll, President Obama won this one 53 to 23.
Seeing a lot of reporters and pundits trying to catch up with the public reaction.



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