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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Full Of Win

I love it when Tbogg takes a day off then comes back with a sack full of fun.

A sample for the clickaphobic:

Might I just add that this rightwing obsession with Benghazi where Benghazi has grown to become 9/11 times the Holocaust plus the Rape of Nanking, is the most amazing wingnut freakout that I’ve seen since Hillary murdered her lesbian lover, Vince Foster, in Fort Marcy Park with a candlestick.

And speaking of winning, Booman explains where all this movement towards Obama is coming from.  Basically, we have the Poll of All Polls coming.  It's called election day.

If Rasmussen remains out in the weeds, predicting a Romney win in Ohio or other some such nonsense, then their credibility takes a huge hit.  Two weeks ago, it made sense to suggest that Ohio and Wisconsin were in play, since without them, Mitt Romney will go back to being just a really rich guy with tremendous hair.

But now that we are faced with actual live votes, Rasmussen and the Baby Rasmussens will have to come back in line with reality.  They are no longer trying to shape a narrative, they are trying to report reality.

Keep an eye on that.

UPDATE: Citizen's United... Yeah, those guys... have a poll out now that has Romney up 3 in Ohio.  Now, they don't care about being hired for their accuracy in the future.  While most pollsters have a partisan lean, because of how they weight their samples, pollsters are endeavoring to "get it right".  Citizen's United?  Not so much.

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