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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Live Blogging 2.0

The last live blog was getting crowded.

Chuck Todd is pointing out that Obama is meeting his expectations in the early voting.

I can't help but think that the failure to call PA and OH is to keep viewer and voter interest.

9:15  PA called for Obama.  Romney's Hail Mary predictably fell on the 15 yard line to the bemusement of all.

9:20 Stephanie Cutter is like Claire from Modern Family but with political chops.  And she, too, is wearing a shit eating grin.

9:22 Twitter is telling me Tammy Baldwin is a Senator.  Awesome.  First LGBT Senator.  Well, first OPENLY LGBT Senator.  Let's not forget Larry Craig.  Or James Buchanan.

9:25  Now Twitter is telling me it's not Baldwin. Oh, Twitter.  My guess is that this is a formality.

9:32 Sherrod Brown wins Ohio.  Romney lost Massachusetts.  Ryan lost Wisconsin.  When did THAT happen?

9:35 Well, it happened in 1972...

9:38 New Hampster to Obama.  Romney has lost three of his four home states, and will lose California.

9:41 A lot of the marriage equality measures are doing well.  Yea, equality.

MSNBC calls it for Warren, and one of the guys on MSNBC just orgasmed, I think.

9:46 My crawl said Alan Grayson is returning to the House.  I didn't know he was running.

9:50 Chuck Todd's goatee just told me that this election is about demographics, especially Hispanics.  True, but another story in this election is the validation of LGBT rights.  First Baldwin and now let's see how marriage equality does on ballot initiatives.

9:56 People are still voting in Miami-Dade.  Obama will win Florida.

10:06  Claire McCaskill sends  pro-rape candidates to 0-2.

10:10 Tweet of the night:

Disappointing night for rape

10:15  North Carolina not called yet.  That's interesting.

10:17 Robert Gibbs gloating over what looks like a surprise win in Florida.

10:19 Joe Walsh, GOP neanderthal in the Illinois House, goes down to defeat.  To another Vagina American.

10:21 Rachel Maddow asks Robert Gibbs what he will do tomorrow.  Gibbs surprisingly says he will party with five hookers and a crate of Moet et Chandon.

10:30 A half hour away from the Pacific Coast coming in for Obama.  At which point, we might finally see them call Ohio for Obama.

10:36  This is getting boring.  Call Ohio, people.

Howard Fineman says that the Romney campaign is ready to baptize Romney's campaign retroactively.

10:39 Can we fucking run an election properly?  Why are people still waiting in line to vote?  That is an absolute disgrace.

10:41 Chuck Todd: Absentee ballot nonsense keeps us with people watching us until 11:00 pm.  Hey, Chuck, I'm switching to Jon Stewart at 11.

11:00 Switched to Daily Show, because why not.

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