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H.L. Mencken

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Live Blogging 3.0

11:05 John Oliver is punking Wolf Blizter.

11:09 Long way to go, but marriage equality is winning in Maine, Maryland and Minnesota.  Yay, equality!

11:14 Obama wins a second term.  Suck on that, Mitch McConnell.

11:20 Speaking of which:
Mitch McConnell vows to make Barack Obama a two-term president.
— @dceiver via TweetDeck

11:22 I've got the Electoral College at 290-219 with two states (FL/VA) still to come.

11:29 Killed a bottle of chardonnay.  Not sure how that happened.  Glad I don't have the 7:30 carpool.

11:33 Nate Silver is a god walking among men, by the way.

11:39 MLB Trade Rumors just popped into my Twitter feed #inappropriate

11:41 Medical marijuana legalized in Massachusetts.  All of my students just developed glaucoma.

11:50 My 332 prediction is looking Boss right now.  I am awesome.

11:52 Donald Trump wants a revolution.  Does that mean I can shoot him now?

11:54 Karl Rove is apparently going Mortimer Duke on Fox.  "Turn these machines back on!"

11:56 Chris Matthews schools me in history (tough to take).  If Obama wins 50% of the popular vote, he will become the second Democrat since the Civil War to win two elections at 50% of the popular vote.  # Democrat Reagan

11:59 Rachel Maddow is making me wish I was a lesbian.  She's calling out the GOP for their wholesale rejection of objective fact.

12:09 Marriage Equality and legalized pot winning on the ballot.  Times do change don't they.

12:18  Getting sleeeeeeeepy.  I assume I will wake up tomorrow and Romney will have won with 206 electoral votes and while Obama will be inaugurated he should probably defer to Mitt Romney's judgment.

12:25 This is great:

12:31 Rove/Romney still holding out.  Despite the fact that if Nevada and Colorado went for Obama (which they did) the election is still over.

Going to bed.

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