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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Live Blogging The Freaking End

7:32 Finally.  No more poll parsing or "unskewing".  No more focus groups of dumb-assed morons undecided voters.  No more caring about how the GM bailout played in Cuyahoga county.

The end of our long national nightmare is over, and we can return to the national nightmare of a nihilistic GOP majority in the House.

Exit polls suck.  So says the guy who got elated by exit polls in 2004.  Having said that, the important information coming out so far really favors Obama.

For instance:
Alex Castellanos looked defeated on CNN just now when talking about the exit polls. Said they must be wrong. Ouch.

The CBS exit poll had a 73% white electorate.  If that's even remotely true, then Obama can stop being the Black Jimmy Carter and start being the Democratic Ronald Reagan.

7:38 Looks like Richard "Rape Babies Are A Gift From God" is going down to defeat.

7:54 Twitter is not helping...

8:14 Chuck Todd says Florida is a must-win for Romney.  I concur, sir.  My boldest prediction on the electoral college was Obama winning Florida.  My guess is we won't know the winner of Florida for a week.

8:18 Twitter comes through for me.  Apparently Fox Talkers are ripping in Chris Christie.  Meanwhile on MarxistSocialistNBC, there seems to be a barely concealed sense of gloating.  Too early yet to say the exit polls are right, but that's what the vibe is.

8:21  Apparently they will crucify Chris Christie for Romney's sins.  Of course, they will need a forklift to get him up on that cross.

8:25 Exit polls suck, but they are trending hard to Obama.  He's CRUSHING the Hispanic vote.  Probably not as big as this, but Fineman was talking about a 60 point margin among some state Hispanic populations.

8:30 CHRIS MURPHY WINS!!!!  Outside of an Obama win, this is the best news of the night.  Freaking hate Linda McMahon.

8:35 Linda McMahon just spent about $200M over five years to prove that she really knows how to waste $200M.

8:43 I started getting a headache and a bad stomach around 4pm.  Currently treating it with chardonnay and Chris Matthews shit-eating grin.

9:00 NH Gov stays Dem, so does PA Senate.

9:06 Elizabeth Warren displaces Scott Brown.

9:08 MSNBC somehow calls House control for the GOP.  Not sure how they can do that, but OK.

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