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H.L. Mencken

Monday, March 5, 2012

And That's The Week That Will Be

Actually, there IS an "i" in "team".

Once again we look with interest to the coming week of internecine GOP cannibalism.

Tomorrow we have Super Duper Awesome Tuesday.  All eyes will by on Ohio.  We are uncertain how tall the trees are in Ohio and whether or not Mitt finds this height perfect or not.  I can't help think that his long tongue bath for Michigan won't play well with the good people of Ohio State.  What will happen tomorrow is likely what has happened at every turn during the primary season: Nothing will be resolved.

Santorum looks to win Tennessee and Oklahoma, Gingrich Georgia, Romney Massachusetts and Virginia, Paul Alaska and Idaho.  Things are likely to be as muddy as ever come Wednesday.

Unless, of course, Romney wins Ohio.  This recalls the old Gilded Age adage: "Some men are born great, some men become great and some men are born in Ohio."  Whoever wins the primary in Ohio will lose the state to Obama in November, as there are a lot of autoworker jobs in Ohio.  Also, too, GOP ideologue governor John Kasich is turning away federal aid to help with tornado relief because... Tenth Amendment beyotch!  I guess Kasich has cut so much spending for widows and orphans that he no longer needs federal aid.

Meanwhile, we are watching Rush Limbaugh hemorrhage advertisers.  His apology has not gone over well, and as people continue to beat up on him, watch the Right rally to him.  Grievance and a feeling of being oppressed is a key emotional touchstone of the Right, and often they have to manufacture that sense of oppression.  Obama wants to help everyone get health insurance?  Oppression!  Now that one of their "heroes" is being actually pilloried I think they will rally around him in the next few days.

But who knows?  The GOP has become almost a shell of its former well organized self.  Having taken their ideology to its logical conclusion, this gratification of individualism at the expense of communalism, it seems inevitable that the movement would splinter.

They are unified only in their contempt for Obama.

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