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H.L. Mencken

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tonight's Clown Car Rest Stop

I know right.

The Clown Car stops in Missibama tonight.

In some ways, this is redundant.  Philosophically, the GOP campaign has never been out of Missibama.

Best result for Dems?  Santorum wins both, Gingrich finishes third in both.  Tough for the Salamander to survive that.

UPDATE 1: Alabama, 27.3% reporting: Santorum 34.7%, Newt, 29.6%, Mittens 28%.
Mississippi 58.4% reporting Santorum 32.8%, Newt 31.7%, Mittens, Romney 30.1%.

In Mississippi, Rick Perry has 1,152 votes, Bachmann 833 and Hunstman 353.


UPDATE 2: The Sweater Vest of the Blessed Virgin has won Alabama according to NBC.  Mississippi too close to call still.

UPDATE 3: Hawaii also has a primary tonight, but as someone said, "For all the GOP cares, Hawaii could be in Africa."

UPDATE 4: I'm betting on Mississippi for the Sweater Vest of the Blessed Virgin.  (Fox calls it for Santo)

UPDATE 5: On to Missouri.  Santorum romped in the beauty pageant primary there, but it was non-binding.  These two wins should help him.

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