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Friday, March 16, 2012

Pat Robertson, Voice Of Reason And Compassion?

Rick Santorum's view of a San Francisco family... 
 I know.  It's disturbing.

The Sweater Vest of the Blessed Virgin is off again.

Shortly after telling Puerto Ricans that they needed to learn English in order to become a state (Hey, Rick, they've voted frequently on the issue of statehood.  They don't really want it.), he decides to double down on the dumb.

The SVotBV has declared a war on pornography.  I am sure that a war on pornography will be just as successful as the War on Alcohol (1918-1933), the War on Drugs (1972-present) and the War on Terra (2001-the end of time).

Of course, there is this chart that suggests the real problem.  The chart shows that in rock-ribbed Red states like Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas you have more internet searches for "free gay porn" than for "God".  Although to be fair, who uses the internet to find God?  That's what peyote is for.

Santorum's moral busybodiness has perhaps reached its apex.  Declaring war on porn is like declaring war on bad weather.  Hopefully for him, however, the reflexive hypocrisy of the average GOP voter will allow them to cheer on Santorum's anti-porn jihad, vote for him, then go home and look up "free gay porn" on Google.

How weird is it getting out there?  We're fighting about the morality of freaking contraception?  About the legality of porn?

But it gets weirder still.

Here is Pat Robertson saying we should decriminalize marijuana.

And here is Pat Robertson saying oral sex is OK within the confines of marriage.

Bong hits and BJs for Jesus!

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