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H.L. Mencken

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Early Super Duper Tuesday Results

So far no surprises, but that's because polls just closed.

Gingrich wins Georgia.  Shocker.

Romney wins Virginia - where Santorum and Gingrich were too inept to get on the ballot.  See if R-Money can get over 60%.  If not, and Ron Paul tops 40%, I think we have a pretty good idea what the hardest of hard core anti-Romney vote is.

Fox called Vermont for Romney, again no big surprise.  The places to watch are Ohio and Tennessee.  They are unlikely to be called early.

Meanwhile, I've finished my midterm grading.

Yay, me!


R-Money wins Mass, Vermont and Virginia where he ran almost unopposed.

Santorum wins Tennessee and Oklahoma.

Gingrich wins Georgia.

If Santorum wins Ohio he wins Super Tuesday.  R-Money will boast of wins in New England, the state he was born in and a state where he ran against Ron Paul, the Leprechaun of Doom.

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