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H.L. Mencken

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Continued Immolation of the GOP

Try this one on for size, Rush.

What a busy couple of days.

Ken Mehlman - who is gay - is apologizing for, you know, helping spread gay-tred for his bosses in 2002 and 2004.

Ted Nugent - who is seriously disturbed - is endorsing Mitt Romney, because...

Andrew Breitbart, a man who built his career off inflammatory and false attacks on his political enemies, drops dead while out for a stroll.

Rush Limbaugh, who was Breitbart before there was an internet to allow Breitbart to come into being, has perhaps finally crossed a line by calling the Georgetown Law Student who testified about the importance of birth control to women's health (including her own) a "slut" and a "prostitute" who should be making "sex tapes" for everyone else who is "paying her to have sex".  No, I don't understand that last part either.

I guess maybe Rush felt peeved at the fellating of Breitbart that was going on amongst the Rightwing Ignorati.  So he grabbed him some spotlight.

Watch the fissures on this one, people.  Expect women within the GOP to raise a stink.  David Frum will write a mournful column about the tone of discourse.  I am already dreading the columns that David Brooks and Ross Douthat will write about this.  Boehner has issued a non-condemnatory condemnation.  A few of the many Old White Men that make of the GOP are sweating profusely and loosening their ties.

Somewhere, Mitt Romney is hiding from reporters.

Many people have written lamenting the sad state of the GOP's potential nominees.  You want to know why the GOP are choosing between a Gold Bug from the McKinley Era, a blowhard disgraced former Speaker, a flagellant Opus Dei Inquisitor and a man afraid of his own conscience?  Look no further than Rush Limbaugh.

This guy has dragged the GOP base farther and farther into a swamp of hatred, division and barely concealed bigotry.  The GOP base believes in number of asinine things.  Hell, Joe Arpaio - noted wingnut/racist sheriff of Maricopa County - has just launched an investigation into... wait for it... Obama's birth certificate.

You vote for these people and you empower their lunacy and their delusions.  Rush Limbaugh is more powerful within today's GOP than John Boehner.  I give Boehner until the Sunday talk shows before he starts to back-track from his condemnation of Rush.

If you're a woman with a mind of her own, and you vote for ANYONE on the GOP ticket this year, you are a fool.

They hate you.  They think you should be barefoot and pregnant.  That any sexual pleasure you get is a sin and should only occur in the process of making progeny.  Speak out for your rights and you're a slut.

But Rush?  Please, keep digging.  Keep speaking.  And Darrel Issa, have a few more panels made up of men telling women what they should do with their bodies.  And Cardinal Boymolester or Dolan or whatever, please presume to lecture the rest of us on morality.

Oh, and WaPo?  The fact that the Democrats are raising money off this outrage is not a sign that "both sides do it".  We have a system where money (and money alone it seems) talks.  If we lived in a world of publicly financed campaigns, then raising money off Rush would be wrong.

But the only way to beat these hateful people is at the polls in November.  It's to take back the House and hang on to the White House and Senate.

They only understand power.  So it's important they never taste it again.

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