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H.L. Mencken

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just A Thought Before I Go

Why no, Mr. Bond Romney, I expect you to die.

OK, so we have Romney winning the two New England states that he won't win in November unless Obama starts literally using the Declaration of Independence as toilet paper.

Santorum wins in Tennessee, Oklahoma and North Dakota, states that the GOP will win unless Obama decides to pull a Lyndon Johnson.  Gingrich wins in Georgia and no one cares.

So that leaves Ohio, which is a dead heat at the moment, and Virginia.

Let's assume that Romney eeks out a small "victory" in Ohio.  I think a few thousand vote win for Mittens is the most likely outcome.

But I want to look at Virginia before shuffling off to bed, perchance to sleep.

In Virginia, Romney ran against Ron Paul and no one else.  It appears as though Romney will get 60% of the vote.  In most sane places (and their recent flirtation with state sponsored rape with an ultrasound device notwithstanding) let's include Virginia as a sane place, Paul would likely have captured about 10% of the vote.

That means that 75% of Ron Paul's votes (and 30% of the total vote) in a GOP primary in a swing state come from people who would rather vote for a septuagenarian leprechaun whose economic ideas were forged by William McKinley than vote for Mitt Romney.

I've vacillated about who I want to win the GOP nomination.  Maybe Mittens would be a bigger disaster for the GOP than even Sanctorum.

Whatever, I hope Rick wins Ohio by five votes.  We'll be watching the clown car until June.

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