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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Walking Dead Season Finale

Halfway through and we've already racked up quite the body count.  Of course, these were the members of Herschel's family without a great deal of speaking parts.  Kind of like the guys in red shirts on Star Trek.

I'm guessing they are setting us up for a scattering of the group.  Will the show become scattered following each sub-group?  That might be tricky to pull off.


Glenn has a funny sense of romantic timing.

Well, no, not scattered.  But Andrea being alone could be an interesting storyline.

Twenty minutes left.  You figure there has to be a cliffhanger coming.  Not a ton of time to set it up.


So, first take is that Andrea will be OK on her own.

Finally learned Jenner's secret.  Of course, I knew that already, because... graphic novels.  Speaking of which, will they stumble upon the prison before the episode ends?

Looks like the breakdown between Rick and Lori could be an interesting take.  We've sort of walked Rick through the process of adjusting to the new way of things, but Lori hasn't really had to walk that walk yet.


Wow! Michonne makes her appearance most impressively.

Rick goes... um... dark.  Looks like the killing of Shane has pushed him over the edge.

And there's the prison!

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