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Friday, February 10, 2012

The FAQ On The IUD

Stop me if you've heard this before.

Obama is about to announce a compromise on the contraception thing.  My guess is a number of the more extreme figures on the Left are going to pillory him for it.  (Planned Parenthood just endorsed it, but they say they will be paying close attention to the details.)

The compromise appears to be that the insurance companies and not the employers will be responsible for the contraception coverage.

I honestly have no idea what that really means.  If Notre Dame buys an insurance policy for Professor Eva Von Feminist but says, "It doesn't include your Pill," but then Aetna goes ahead and covers her anyway...  I'm not sure what the distinction is.

Of course, this whole bullshit nontroversy is about a stupid rule promulgated by tyrannical, dried up old zealots, so whatever.

My guess is that the Obama Administration is treating this with the intellectual contempt it deserves.  "OK, we'll pretend that you give a damn about women's health, and you can pretend that the money you're paying for your employees health insurance isn't going for a diaphragm, AKA Satan's Beanie."

I also think that - Obama having made a stab at conciliating these patriarchal demagogues - the Right Wing Catholic Noise Machine will reject this compromise and look even stupider.

Please, let Frothy Mixture and the R-Money reject it, too.

Obama may win 60% of the female vote in November, regardless of what they say at FireDogLake.

UPDATE: I scrolled through the Daily Kos comments on the story expecting some serious Firebagging, but everyone was elated with the compromise.  So were the Nuns.  Yay, Nuns!  The Bishops are not pleased, but screw'em.

Luckily, FDL never disappoints:

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