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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Walking Dead Liveblog

Green is the new black when it comes to zombies.

OK, so Rick just Raylan Givensed two jerks from Philly and Lori's crashed in a ditch somewhere.  So, let's see what we have in store for this week.

Looks like gunplay, Shane plotting and as especially ugly Walker goes after Lori.  Fun stuff!

Great, creepy opening.  The clicking turn indicator manages to be both mundane and incredibly creepy, so in keeping with the genre.

Apparently windshield is zombie exfoliant.

Yes, Lori.  Getting the gun is a good idea.

Hmm, if they could get out the back, why didn't they do that already?

Don't let Daryl go dark, he's too awesome.

Speaking of dark, I can barely see any of the action.  Not sure if it's the TV or the broadcast, but it would be better to actually see what's happening, just saying.

I guess Shane is exactly the sort of bad SOB you'd want on your side at this point.


Herschel's exactly the opposite of Shane, which makes Rick's dilemma all the more pointed.  Is he to become more like Shane or Herschel?

Um, not Glenn. Not OK.  Oh, OK.  Glenn's not hurt.

OK, that's disgusting.  Really, eating a guy's face off?

That was good.  How far do you risk your life for a guy who was just trying to kill you?  Is your allegiance to other humans?


And Shane lies again.

Hey, Daryl has Walker ears!  Like fuzzy dice!

Carol is perfect for Daryl considering her ex-husband.  She can absorb punishment that would kill most people.  I don't know who this actress is, but I bet she works a lot more after this.  She's really good.  (Quick check on IMDB, she's also a casting director.)

Herschel's farm seems to have some form of electricity.  Why is that?

Carl with a heartbreaking line, "Can we name her Sophie?" So much to unpack in that line.  Child-like and poignant at the same time.

Shane pretty much comes close to spilling the beans about Otis.

Lori spills the beans about telling Rick about Shane and her.  But Shane can't wrap his head around it, which is interesting.  Now he's lying to himself.  I guess practice makes perfect.


I wonder how many minutes of actual show we get per episode?  Seems unusually short.  A good way to keep the costs down, I guess.

What's up with the catatonia?  I mean after everything, NOW the young lady collapses in shock?

Dale needs to watch himself.  He might overextend his plans about Shane and get himself killed, which would be a shame.

Interesting to watch the farm take up sides.  I guess it makes sense that Andrea would go to the dark side.

Oh, Glenn, don't be a tool.  I guess you need some dramatic tension.

Oh, of course, more commercials.


Uh oh, Andrea might give Shane some brains.  That could be dangerous.

And now Lori shares the Otis story and Shane's desire to have Lori and the baby.

So, after last week's wrapping up the end of last season, we get the gist of this season: Rick vs Shane.  What was a philosophical debate between remaining the "Good Guy" or becoming the "Hard Case" is now an actual battle between the two.

Could be good, or it could drag on.  I mean, why not drag Merle back into it?  Or Morgan?  Otherwise, you have the reverse dynamic of a romantic storyline in a sitcom.  Will they or won't they?  Only this time it's kill each other rather than kiss.

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