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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Walking Dead Liveblog

Well, we're right back into it with Shane and Rick aren't we.

Carl with a great scene.  Both childlike and hauntingly adult.  That's got to be Carl's storyline, growing up in this landscape.

You know, Shane was killed early in the graphic novels.  Great dramatic plan to keep him in the story.

Wow.  Carol with a devastating scene.  I guess when you've lost the whole world, you just get acclimated to loss.

I think I remember that aerial shot of the funeral from the graphic novel.


Some gratuitous gore for those of you who like that.

Is Herschel's daughter about to become a walker?

Dale spills the beans.


OK, time to add some new characters...

Hmm, interesting take on mourning from Herschel.  Will he dive deeper and faster than Rick?

Well, I've heard that deer coming out of the brush can cause accidents.  Never knew that Walkers could do the same.


Too many damned commercials.  And many of these commercials are Super Bowl re-runs.  I guess this is the Super Bowl of zombie shows.

"There is no hope."  I guess this is the counterpoint to the Eastwood ad.  Liberal Hollywood...

And there are our new characters and another freaking commercial.

Hey, Lori's laying in a ditch, people.  Focus!  (And do we think that baby survived the car wreck?)


Nice to bring in a more global perspective from these two guys.

Took away the Benning angle.  And all the various plans to escape to other places.

Pretty good tension.  Believable.  How can you trust people who will do what it takes to survive this shit?

This gets to the idea that in a way there are no survivors.

Shit, Rick just got all Raylan Givens there.

Wait!  What about Lori!?

Argh!  Tease!  Now I have to watch Comic Men to find out if they are going to let something slip about Lori.

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