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H.L. Mencken

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Please, Please Read This

Click through and read this.  Please.

Hunter is one of my favorite writers on the Internet when he has the bit between his teeth.

One trenchant observation that I think needs to be repeated until the sun dies and the universe ends.

Republicans usually take a position that is largely the dickish one they can find.

There is no organizing philosophy at play.  There is no consistency.  There is no human dignity.

There is simply, what do the Democrats and/or liberal like and then do the exact opposite.

And so you have a rule for the coverage of contraception that many if not most Catholic organizations follow already in 29 different states, but it becomes a huge ball of stupid once it becomes Obama's "thing".  Birth control?  Assault on liberty.  Death penalty?  Well, it's not ALL the Catholic teaching we like.

And really, the example Hunter notes above is really just an obvious example.  Hell, when Obama moved to cut entitlement spending this summer, the GOP backed away from it, despite the drubbing Ryan's plan had taken.  Rather than cloak their desires to slash entitlement spending in bipartisanship, they backed away, because they are literally reflexively, unthinkingly opposed to anything Obama might be for.

You know, dickishness.

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