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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today In R-Money

Let's hope the dog isn't on the roof...

Want to know what the GOP/R-Money is up to?  (Remember, R-Money is Mitt Romney's rapper name.)

Let's take a gander...

First, he and other members of the GOP are starting to line up behind "Zombie Eyed Grannie Starver" Paul Ryan's budget.  I would guess the Big Thinking went something like this:

"Holy Crap!  Those employment numbers are actually OK.  If the economy recovers we're doomed."
"The GOP is the party of Big Ideas!  Just ask Newt!  What Big Ideas do we have laying around?"
Some ruffling of papers.
"Here's the Ryan plan..."
Crickets chirp.  In the distance a dog howls.
"Well, Politifact says it doesn't REALLY end Medicare, so..."

And they're off.  Look, Ryan's plan replaces a single payer Medicare system with a nasty, free market system that will force seniors to fend for themselves in the insurance market.  It would be an absolute catastrophe as policy and politically, it's Third Rail territory.

Needless to say R-Money, America's Worst Politician, is on board with it.

Secondly, his campaign has started to pick a fight with pollsters over the recent string of polls that shows Obama with a healthy and growing lead over R-Money.  Not only does that reek of desperation, it's pointless.  All you do is draw attention to the poll, which says, among other things, that the more people get to know about R-Money, the less they like him.

Mitt could have Pancho Sanchez hand him his lance, but he's running for office for Pete's sake!

Mitt has also endorsed the faction within Susan G. Komen that wants to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood.  Because THAT worked out so well for SGK.  Come next October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, who will be more irrelevant, R-Money or SGK?

And then you have the general ass-hatery of the GOP.  You have Karl Rove picking a fight with Clint Eastwood.  I mean Clint's 121 years old and he could still kick Turdblossom's butt up and down the Pacific Coast highway.

And you combine it with Pete Hoekstra's racist TV ad, and you have a clearer picture why the GOP's approval rating is somewhere around the level of Italian Cruise ship captains.

If they keep this up - embracing people who want to throw Medicare under the bus while denying cancer screening to the working poor and yelling at the media - the GOP will, indeed, lose control of the House and R-Money will only win the Redneck Belt, stretching from South Carolina to Idaho.

What's amusing about this, is that R-Money is considered the moderate by the Tea Party faithful, so they will naturally assume that insufficient conservatism was to blame.

Brownback/Walker 2016!

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