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H.L. Mencken

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Here We Go, Here We Go, Here We Go Again

So, hopefully we had our last GOP debate last night.

It went about as you'd expect.

Pretty much if you are a woman and decide to have sex for a reason other than pooping out a baby, you are a huge slut.

Pretty much any sentient GOP pundit who isn't a complete whackaloon has realized that arguing about contraception is a complete dead-end.  Even Wingnut Governor McConnell of Vaginia - erm, Virginia - has decided that state mandated rape may not be a political winner.

Pretty much everyone agrees that the winner of last night's debate was Obama.  This makes roughly 1284 debates in a row that he's won, and he hasn't even shown up to one yet.

John Cole summarizes my feeling nicely:

There are four very crazy people who want to become and have a shot at becoming President. My favorite part of the debate was when the contraception issue came up, and it somehow shifted to a debate about out of wedlock births. I must fundamentally misunderstand contraception, because I was under the impression it led to fewer unwanted births and out of wedlock children.
There is literally no internal consistency to anything these people say. It makes my mind reel. Pro Democracy uprising in Syria- good. Pro Democracy uprising in Egypt- bad.
I can’t fucking sort these people out everything they say is so crazy.

Yeah, pretty much.

And luckily Ed at Gin And Tacos has found out what the GOP has in store for us next:

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